Tutorial: Converting Multiple Texturepacks Into A Single PK3 (Video)

Jul 31, 2018Doom, Tutorial

Porting your texturepacks to PK3 format isn’t all too confusing!

This tutorial was produced in response to PeterMoro’s request for help with combining their assortment of texturepacks. The request was made over on Doomworld.

I was going to offer to do it for him but instead felt it would be better to produce an “impromptu tutorial video”. As such, expect a few “umms and errs”, as well as an irritating crash seemingly caused by my recording software, heh. Sorry about that! 😛

Tutorial Difficulty:

Required Tools & Resources

  • Texture packs (Obviously!)
  • SLADE3
  • A bit of patience

Be careful of the filesize!

The method shown in the video includes converting all of your resources to PNG files. In the case of a standalone single-patch texture, this is probably going to save you space. However if you have a batch of textures which re-use the same patches to create a collection of variations, converting each variation into their own standalone texture will increase the filesize, and in some cases, by quite large amounts.

This is displayed in the video when I converted Grasstex as an example.

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