Tutorial: Easy Way To Make Sloped Archways

Jan 16, 2018Tutorial

Craft Perfect Sloped Archways Every Single Time

So you wanna make a smooth archway in your ZDoom map? There’s a few ways of going about this, but here’s a solution to get them exactly how you want them to be!

To start off with, we’re going to draw a 2D representation with linedefs of what you are expecting the slope to look like. Feel free to make this a little easier on yourself and use the ‘curve linedef’ tools, it might help you get a more accurate curve.

Below is an example, I’ve drawn a 128×128 square but with two of the corners ’rounded off’.

Take note that I’ve drawn this exactly in line with where the doorway is – this is necessary as we are now going to translate the vertexes of your curve into linedefs where the archway should be. This seems quite hard to explain in words, so the below image will help a lot:

Now we need to work out the height difference between each vertex and apply those heights to the archway’s sectors themselves. This is done quite easily using the linedef tool to show us how long each line is. Again, an image is below to make this easier to understand:

The next part is easy assuming you’ve used slopes before. Apply the slope linedef action (Action 181) and enjoy your pretty new sloped archways!

You may have noticed however that some textures are a bit distorted. This is an optional thing to fix, some people don’t mind it while others may find it very off-putting. This is relatively easy to fix, using different methods.

If you’re editing in UDMF format you can scale the texture(s) within the editor itself, either numerically in the sector’s settings, or automatically using the Shift + A hotkey when in 3D mode and looking at the offending sector.

If you’re not editing in UDMF format, you can use the ACS function Sector_SetFloorScale (or it’s ceiling equivalent) to scale the texture. If this isn’t a method you’re comfortable, you can create ‘squished’ versions of the textures in your graphic tool of choice which, while lower quality, can produce the same effect.

Below is an example from Skulldash’s Level 17 where this technique was used to create sloped archways based on a texture!

Tutorial Difficulty:

Required Tools & Resources

  • GZDoom Builder
  • Only 10 minutes of your time

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